Subject Re: Firebird on Fedora Core 2
Author mcbootchek
As fare as I know, under 64bit Linux (Fedora Core 2) instalation you
can run FB 1.5 Super Server as a 32bit emulated aplication only.

We have succeed to compile FB 1.5.1 Classic server surce code to 64bit
and it is running as a native 64 bit compilation w/o any problems on
AMD 64bit CPU.

It seems FB 1.5.1 SS sources are not ready yet for AMD 64bit. We were
not able to compile it for 64bit.

Hellen, please correct me, if I am wrong .......

Petr McBooCzech

--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> At 06:21 AM 26/10/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> >Greetings:
> >I am changing from windows to linux using Fedora Core 2 and trying to
> >install firebird 1.5
> >The current rpm and tar.gz are for i686, will these run ok on an
> Yes.
> If you are going to use Superserver, there is a special kit for the
> Linuxen - make sure you download the proper kit from
> The title you should look for is FirebirdSS-1.5.m.nnnn-0.i686.nptl.rpm
> where
> m = 1 or higher
> nnnn = a 4-digit build number.
> Currently the rpm kit is FirebirdSS- A
> kit should be available shortly.
> The "nptl" part of the name indicates that these kits are built
> for Linuxen that use the "New POSIX Threading Library" (NPTL) -
meaning you
> can use Firebird on Fedora Core 2 and other Linuxen that implement
> without altering the OS settings. It really matters for Superserver.
> ./hb