Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: updates getting slower and slower
Author German Pablo Gentile
lutz_mueller2003 wrote:

>the actual statement ist this:
>it is executed as an prepared statement with jayBird 1.5.4
>the updates come from a file with 1000 lines. each line causes a
>callback while the file is read. the callback method performs the
>update-operation (and an insert on a different database, but the
>times for the insert remain static, and commenting out the insert
>makes no difference). of course i could (and propably will) sum up
>the values in one file programmaticaly which would leave me with one
>update per file and transaction. but the cost for an update will
>still rise and become a problem sooner or later.
>how come the time for an insert remains static while the cost for an
>update keeps growing?
Multiple versions of the record, uncomited changes in some places.

>one thing i forgot to mention: after a backup/restore the time for
>an update drops to the time the first update took. thats why i
>thought of transactions first.
That confirm multiple versions.

Best regards.