Subject Re: updates getting slower and slower
Author lutz_mueller2003
--- In, "Martijn Tonies"
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> Hello,
> > i have a table with only 1 record. i run updates like "update
> > field=field+? where pk_id=?" on this record. the updates are
> > executed by one process, and come in transactions which include
> > about 1000 updates. while the first transaction takes about
> > the 100. transactions takes up to 15sec. and it gets slower and
> > slower. what could be the reason for this ? my first guess was
> > mga , but there are no concurrent transactions, since the
> > are executed sequentially by just one process. does anybody know
> > what is causing this decrease in performance?
> Do you commit the transaction?
> Do you have a read transaction opened?

i commit the transaction every 1000 updates. there are no other
transactions running against this database.
> Take a look at the transaction counters with "gstat" and post
> them here.

at what time should i check the counters? before i start the
transactions, during the run of the program, or afterwards?

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