Subject OT: Re: [firebird-support] Firebird UDF Compilation environments on Windows and Linux.
Author Aage Johansen
Ken Galbraith wrote:
> ...
> I am 57 years *young* and I have been following this list for over two years
> as a silent observer. I have a legacy DOS (multi-user) system, which I am in
> the process of converting to C++ Builder, IB Objects & Firebird (I mention
> this to make sure Helen doesn't declare this entry as OT!)
> ...
> I started programming when I was 18 (Fortran -1) and since then have
> programmed in FORTRAN II, IV, about 8 dialects of BASIC, PL/1, COBOL, about
> 8 different processor assembler languages (CDC Compass, 8080,Z80,8086, DEC
> et al), various DB languages, SQL (since 1984), etc etc.

A blast from the past! Doing CDC Compass on a 3300 was great fun.
IMO, of course.

Aage J.