Subject Slower "while not Eof do next" with an unidirectional TpFIBDataSet
Author tracegraph
I use FIBPlus components (version 4.7.0) with Delphi 5.
I do the following things (more a less):
1. Unidirectional := True
2. Active := True;
3. while not Eof do Next;
4. Close; Open; //I need to be set on the first record again with the
same SelectSQL
5. while not Eof do Next;
The second "while not Eof do Next" after closing and opening the
dataset is 3 timer slower. I've checked Unidirectional property is
set to True after opening. If I repeated the sequence "Close; Open;"
and then "while not Eof do Next" it also was 3 times slower and so on.
Is there something wrong with FIBPlus? It looks like freeing and
creating dataset is 3 times faster if you want to do "while not Eof
do next". I need this dataset to be unidirectional.
Please for any aswer. Thank you in advance.

Best regards