Subject Re: FB Server and timezone on Win32
Author russellbelding
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> Hi,
> At October 20, 2004, 15:50, russellbelding wrote:
> > I am wondering about the date and time services in the FB engine,
> > when the timezone is changed on the server hosting the FB engine.
> > Using
> > a. FB on MS Server 2003 running as a sevice with
> > also running.
> > b. Win2K client with IBO 4.3Aa and delphi
> > An application asks the FB server for the FB CURRENT_TIMESTAMP
> > displays it.
> > On the server change the timezone to shift it several hours on
> > same day. During this leave the FB server running.
> > Back on the client ask for the FB Engine Current_Timestamp. It
> > time for the previous timezone setting.
> Are both instances of fetching CURRENT_TIMESTAMP within the same
> transaction? If your answer is yes, then there's your answer to
> question. CURRENT_TIMESTAMP is a transaction context variable,
> basically it's gets assigned at the beginning of a transaction and
> doesn't change until the transaction is committed or rollbacked.
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Hello Daniel
Successive calls to display the CURRENT_TIMESTAMP variable show the
values's minutes changing. So the behaviour is not related to being
inside a single transaction.

At least it appears the FB engine is unaware of a manual change to
its Win32 host's timezone.

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