Subject RE: [firebird-support] FB Server and timezone on Win32
Author Leyne, Sean

> I am wondering about the date and time services in the FB engine,
> when the timezone is changed on the server hosting the FB engine.
> Using
> a. FB on MS Server 2003 running as a sevice with Guardian
> also running.
> b. Win2K client with IBO 4.3Aa and delphi
> An application asks the FB server for the FB CURRENT_TIMESTAMP and
> displays it.

If your application cares about timezone and accurate time references,
then you should not be using CURRENT_TIMESTAMP but a time reference
which is based on UTC (Universal Time Coordinated?).

A number of years ago we developed a application which needed to be
timezone/time shift neutral -- so we developed a set of UDFs for this
task (time values where stored as a integer value and needed UDFs to
apply/convert to the local timezone time)