Subject RE: [firebird-support] How to lock data?
Author Chad Z. Hower
:: Nobody is telling you * dont go to IB*.Helen say dont
:: use FIB features if you think you will need IB later.

Yes, sorry if I was not clear. I guess my question is - why should maybe I
not use IB vs FB? We use FB and are pretty happy, but that one installation
its critical and FB cannot address this issue while IB 7.5 can.

What I really need is the ability to make two instalations of FB on the same
machine that are totally independent.

:: Anyway, you really know about open source, your Indy
:: work is the best thing happen to Delphi users in many years,
:: and is the base to other greats things like
:: ASTA,RemObjects,etc. You do a great job with it.

Thanks. :)