Subject Re: [firebird-support] How to lock data?
Author German Pablo Gentile
Chad Z. Hower wrote:

>:: It's not. Assume that anything new in the release notes is
>:: incompatible with IB and don't use it if you're planning to
>:: downgrade to IB or to use your code with IB databases.
>Does IB have anyting simliar? And in an unrelated question - why would I NOT
>want to go to IB? We are using FB now, but in one project we are looking to
>go IB because of its ability to (7.5) have individual passwords per DB AND
>be able to install multiple instances on a machine. Both of which are very
>serious issues for us in one installation.
Nobody is telling you * dont go to IB*.Helen say dont use FIB
features if you think you will need IB later.
If you do, you will need to do additional work to traslate app. It
hurts at first, but the i really celebrate IB and FIB takes two
differnte ways. Other way a OpenSource project will remain depending of
a propietary one, and ever without see a line of code inside that (IB in
that case). FIB is growing fast and getting mor and more optimizations
and features. Will be hard to IB do the same. Im a old user of Delphi
and see in the later two-three years as Borland is coming a burocratic
code producer, so i bet FIB.
Anyway, you really know about open source, your Indy work is the
best thing happen to Delphi users in many years, and is the base to
other greats things like ASTA,RemObjects,etc. You do a great job with it.

Finally, i really think you must decide what DB use to get the most
of that. Is a lesson i learn with blood , believe me <g>.

Best regards.

German Gentile.