Subject Which Linux Distro Better For Firebird 1.5.x
Author R. S. Patil
Dear Friends,

Till Date we have been using Firebird on
W9x (For Development) and Suse 7.2 -> 8.2 (Production)

Recently one of our Prospectives (who is keen on having
Linux based FB as DB Server) H/W vendor has indicated
his inability in Installing/Supporting Suse but he can
Install/Support RH on his server. Till date we don't have
any experience with RH installation or supporting FB on
RH server.

Can somebody guide us whether is it advisable to have
RH 8.0 on Server or shall we insist on Suse 8.2 which
has prooven record.

Similarly we are using FreeUDFLib
UDFs. How shall we compile same on RH what are the
RPMs required for that.

BTW which distro has been in use for development and
testing of FB. If it is RH then I feel there will not be
any problems in shifting from Suse to RH.

Pl Share with me ur valuable opinions regarding
FB on RH 8.0 onwards

Thanks and Best regards.

R. S. Patil