Subject Possible solution to low selectivity index and Foreing keys trouble?
Author German Pablo Gentile
Helen Says:

Our problem in Firebird is that we cannot choose the index that is used by
>the RI constraint. If we implement a foreign key constraint, we are stuck
>with that key-for-key index. When it is a good index, that is fine - we
>don't want custom RI then. When it is a bad index, ideally, if we could
>create our own index, the performance problem with our low-selectivity
>lookup keys would go away and we would not need to write custom RI triggers.

Why dont just allow to select the index to be used by a RI constraint?
I dont know FB internals, so i ask developers if that is possible, and can be a temporary solution for that trouble.



P.S.: Theres a better place to ask/proposse that?