Subject RE: [firebird-support] IB6 and Firebird.
Author Tim Ledgerwood
At 04:30 PM 18/10/2004, you wrote:

>So, do you think if I did the following it would work ok ?
>1. backup 6.2 database using 6.2 gbak.
>2. uninstall 6.2 and install firebird 1.5.1
>3. restore the backup taken in 1) using restore in FB 1.5.1
>If problems are encountered
>4. Backup FB 1.5.1 db using 6.2 gbak.
>5. Uninstall FB 1.5.1 and install IB 6.2.
>6. Restore backup taken in 4) using restore in 6.2 ?

I am NOT saying that the way we do it is the right way. But we use IB 6.02
(the open source version) and FB 1.5x interchangeably.

That said, the following should be noted :

We ALWAYS make a backup, using whatever gbak is applicable. We burn this to
CD to make sure that we don't accidently lose it. (You know how these
things go)

Our database structure is quite simple - no fancy stuff, although there are
about 150 stored procedures, and every table has at least one trigger.

The database is dialect 3.

So basically, the best advice I can give is :

1. yes, in my experience, it will work.

2. ALWAYS have a copy - a backup - of your backup file. BEFORE you do

Hope this helps


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