Subject RE: [firebird-support] IB6 and Firebird.
Author Martin Dew
So, do you think if I did the following it would work ok ?

1. backup 6.2 database using 6.2 gbak.

2. uninstall 6.2 and install firebird 1.5.1

3. restore the backup taken in 1) using restore in FB 1.5.1

If problems are encountered

4. Backup FB 1.5.1 db using 6.2 gbak.

5. Uninstall FB 1.5.1 and install IB 6.2.

6. Restore backup taken in 4) using restore in 6.2 ?



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Subject: RE: [firebird-support] IB6 and Firebird.

At 04:27 AM 10/18/2004, Alan McDonald wrote:

>you can't go back via gbak.


Why do you say that? Unless they've made some changes to the
database - e.g. using constraint indexes with custom names - I
would expect the 6.2 gbak to recreate a perfectly fine 6.2
database. Have I forgotten something?



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