Subject Minor issue with Firebird 1.5.1 RPM using YaST
Author sshnug_si
<apologies if this is a duplicate message, but the first one hasn't
shown up after 2½hours>


There seems to be a small issue with the install of Firebird
1.5.1 RPM using YaST. As I have not seen this problem with
any other RPM's installed via YaST, I'm posting here before
hitting the suse-autoinstall mailing list.

From a clean SuSE 9.1 Pro distribution (latest updates), if
I install the FirebirdSS- using YaST,
right at the end of the install YaST appears to hang, and
the only fix I've found is to kill the y2base process.

Please note that the Firebird install is successful, I can see
the fbguard and fbserver processes, and can connect to the
example db, and everything comes up fine after a restart,
it's just YaST can't close itself after the install.

The reason I want to get this sorted out is that I've been
writing a HOWTO to get Firebird support compiled into PHP
using the PHP and Apache RPM's provided by SuSE...and now
that everything is working (yay!), this hanging of YaST
is the only part of the HOWTO which is a bit ugly.

Also, I'm shifting my development environment from Windows
to Linux, so am still very much feeling my way around
(hence the HOWTO - I'm sure others are in the same boat:)
So can anyone please tell me if I should be using the NPTL
version of Firebird with the SuSE 9.1 Pro distribution?

peace - si