Subject Putting Database In Single User Mode
Author R. S. Patil
Dear Friends,

I Developing C/S Application Using D5 -> IBO -> FB 1.5x (Suse Linux)
Within the application I have developed Routines Using IBX Admin To
Backup and Restore. Now Adding Some Application Related Processes
which need to force a Single User Mode for some small amount of time
and after that users can reconnect

( Reasoning in Brief -----------------------------------------------------
Day end Process in which working Date of application is Closed and
New Date is Opened. Since concurent Clients have Current working
date set in their own instance of .exe i need to disconnect forcefully
their own connection with database so that exe has mechanism already
built to close application if database connection is lost

So my need is to put database programatically in to single user mode
where Client firing this process can do necessary process of closing date
and opening new date while other clients connections are forcefully closed
and later when day end process is finished and new date is opened
it should be possible to put database again in multiuser mode so that
now other clients can connect and do normal operation but with new
working date. During the day end process if any new clients are trying
to connect their connection should be refused.

Thanks and Best Regards.

R. S. Patil