Subject Re: [firebird-support] max buffers on a database
Author Daniel Rail

At October 15, 2004, 05:21, JD FitzGerald wrote:

> There's 1GB of ram in the machine and only firebird and one other app
> run on it. I figured there was plenty of RAM to increase the buffers how
> I liked. There is a second database on the server, but it only has 3000
> buffers.
> What's the deal with the 10,000 thing?

It's related on how Firebird manages it's own memory. I think
Nickolay has been working on a better memory manager and it might be
better in FB 2.0. But, I can't really confirm this, and I know that
it was talked about on the devel list.

> In what circumstances does it
> result in loss of performance?

When you have more than 10,000 pages buffer.

One way to increase the memory used would be to increase the page size
in the database. You're using 4KB per page, and Firebird supports up
to 16KB per page. But, I also have to say that the page cache usage
will also depend on the size of the tables and the number of
connections accessing the database.

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