Subject Re: [firebird-support] max buffers on a database
Author JD FitzGerald
Daniel Rail wrote:
> Yes there's a limit and it's the one that you entered. But, at the
> present time it's not recommended to have page buffers larger than
> 10,000, because there's a big chance of performance degradation beyond
> 10,000 page cache. And, have you checked how much RAM is available on
> the system before even trying to increase the page buffers that high.
> And, will there be only one database accessed on that system? Because
> the page buffers are related to each database and not server wide.
> And, with FB 1.5, Firebird uses some memory outside of the page cache
> when it needs to do a SORT on a result set, if there's not enough
> memory the SORT uses a physical file on disk.

There's 1GB of ram in the machine and only firebird and one other app
run on it. I figured there was plenty of RAM to increase the buffers how
I liked. There is a second database on the server, but it only has 3000
What's the deal with the 10,000 thing? In what circumstances does it
result in loss of performance?