Subject Creating application installation CD's
Author petesouthwest

I'm not sure this is the right place to ask these questions, but
hopefully some of you have been through somethng similiar.

I am in the process of creating a CD for customers to install my
Firebird based delphi(using IBO and fbclient) application. The
target systems/users will include non technical people installing to
standalone PCs, not very technical network managers/technicians
installing to networks and highly competant network managers
installing to networks.

I have been keeping my installation routines simple by using Inno
setup to create a setup.exe that installs my application and then
installs firebird with the silent switch. I was hoping that on a
network, that it would be possible for the network manager to run my
installation routine and then make a shortcut on the user's desktop
that would run the client application. Users would then use my
client application (that would be installed on the server), using
the client machine as a terminal. ie nothing being installed on the
network client machines. However, having setup a windows 2000 server
here at home, I am now understanding that this is what people have
said won't work! Sorry for being slow on the uptake, but I am very
new to networks and client server databases, and going up what seems
like a huge learning curve!

So this leaves me wondering where to go now :( It seems like I have
to offer a 'client only install' as well the existing setup.exe, for
networks client machines. This might as well include my client app
as well as a client only install of firebird (Helen's book has a
very clear description of how to do that). It then seems as if there
are 2 ways of achieving this:
1) Using Inno to create a client setup.exe that the network
technician will use by logging onto the client pc and installing it.
2) Use something like winInstall LE to create a .msi package that
the network manger can then assign to a user if the network supports
windows installer packages.

Am I 'barking up the right tree' or can I no longer see the tree for
the wood?!

Thanks for any comments