Subject RE: [firebird-support] Archive expiriences
Author Tim Ledgerwood
Yes - we have a (unique) shift number for each 12 - hour period and for
each gasoline station. So we just run Stored Procedures or Queries for
shift numbers. Makes it much easier ... :-)

If I may give some advice - if you are doing accounting data, then instead
of using dates (which I have always found to be a real pain, not because of
SQL, but because dates are not logical), assign each order to an
"accounting period". So, for example, if month 1 (in your financial (i.e.,
accounting period) terms) runs from 22 December to 21 January, you just do
a search or group by or sum or whatever on the accounting period. You don't
have to worry exactly when this month starts and that month ends/

What you do is have a table of accounting periods, that define the start
date and end date of each accounting period. That means that the client can
define his own accounting periods - in real terms, this takes care of the
clients having different month - ends and month - starts. Then when you
store the data, you also store the accounting period. It makes the online
transaction processing and accounting stuff MUCH more simple ...



>Basically just because of hidding old orders from user.
>So you suggest, that I should keep ALL orders in one table and omit
>accessable one with select statement e.g.
>select * from orders where OrderDate < some_date ?

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