Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: OT: M$Navision & Firebird
Author Daniel Rail

At October 13, 2004, 12:39, Carlos Macao wrote:

> It's really a undesirable coincidence, even the backup file extension
> it's equal:

I agree that it is. But, Navision seem to have been using the
extensions prior to Firebird. And, that doesn't mean that we have to
change, because there are already a lot of applications that use the
same extension.

> Some info about Navision Attain SQL Server:

And, here's even more:

The Navision Attain SQL Server is based on C/SIDE database, which by
the brief functional description, works in a similar way as Firebird.
But, C/SIDE has been in existence since before 1996(which is the
earliest date that I found in the article above) and it was working
like that since then, at least.

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