Subject Re: OT: M$Navision & Firebird
Author Carlos Macao

<<< I don't think that it is Firebird. Microsoft bought Navision in
2002, and Navision bought Axapta in 2000. So, it could be hard to
believe that it's a modified Firebird, unless they made a lot of
modifications and had no intentions to make them public. The only way
to make sure of that would be to examine the fdb file that it is
using. Navision was a Danish company, so anybody from that area(or
Europe) might have more information on the product, and maybe the
company. And, Navision apparently had a lot of employees(approx.

Best regards,
Daniel Rail >>>

It's really a undesirable coincidence, even the backup file extension
it's equal:

Some info about Navision Attain SQL Server:

Carlos Macao