Subject RE: [firebird-support] OT: M$Navision & Firebird
Author George P Boutwell
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> > A potential client uses a Microsoft product called Navision. I got a
> > peek at a configuration screen and the database file had a .fdb
> > extension.
> >
> > The product notes from Microsoft had these plus points:
> >
> > "Navision Database Server is also easy to set up and configure. It
> > doesn't require a lot of maintenance or expensive hardware. You do
> > not need a dedicated person maintaining it. Once the server is
> > installed, you can leave it alone, let it go to work and focus on
> > your business."
> >
> > "Built into the database is a version principle, which allows people
> > to generate correct reports without locking other users out of the
> > database."

Combined with the fdb extension it probably is Firebird, however, from a
recent trade show the MS SQL 2005 is going to have an similar feature. I
forget what buzz word the put on it, optimistic locking or some such.


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