Subject Re: [firebird-support] OT: M$Navision & Firebird
Author Lucas Franzen

Navision is not only an accounting program there's also a ERP system
which is used as a production base (kind of cometitor to SAP, Baan,
Pro-alpha etc.).

Historically Navision was set up with their own database but more and
more customers switch to MSSQL as database backend (but the logic and
business rules still being maintained in Navision itself - I can tell
since we just have installed our program (with FB as backend) at a
customers site; our program is sitting behind Navision and since we
couldn't define interfaces we came up with adding some tables to the
MSSQL database where we do write the information to)

But I never heard of Navision using Firebird as a database server.



P.S. @Martijn:

Unfortunately I never made DBWorkbench to work with this database
(neither the one I told you a year ago) and I forgot to show you the
problem in Fulda; maybe next year.

So I have to stay with this #!$@&ยง$ MSSQL-Enterprise Manager :-(
Dang! It's the ugliest and most stupid tool I ever used :-)