Subject Re: Re: What BLOB to use for RTF data
Author Namit Nathwani
Hi Helen

At 07:37 pm 12/10/2004, you wrote:
>a) display it in a control that can represent multi-line data (for the

There is already a RTF control which I have subclassed for use

>b) pass it back to the update or insert statement as a

REPLACE to the Remote View will do the job.

> I guess if VFP doesn't have this capability, you'll be googling the
>web to find something suitable out there.

It has, it has. Like I mentioned I have already tried it out using VFP
tables via local views successfully.

>If you're using the ODBC driver, ask there for advice.

Yes, okay I guess that may be the case. But just for my knowledge, if I
have successfully used BLOB 0 and 1 for text data, then do you feel that
the ODBC driver will have problems with RTF instead of text data?

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