Subject Re: What BLOB to use for RTF data
Author Dorin Vasilescu
> Actually what I am expected to do in VFP is get the data from blob,
> it in a, the edit box is supposed to be bound to this
>, all work is done in, and on exiting the
> box I am to replace the data back into the RV.
> That sums it up but what is happening that the field remains NULL
> and after.
> Regards
> Bhavbhuti
> ___________________________________________

I use BLOBs for various validation scripts and/or large descriptions.
Works well if data type is mapped as Memo in remote view data
definition in VFP database. I don't have any troubles.

Can you post the remote view definition and properties (CompareMemo,
FetchMemo, FetchAsNeeded, etc.

Try with the new VFP9 beta to see if works.