Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Database page error after migrating to 1.5
Author Alan McDonald
> > and how about you..?
> I'm fine. Thanks. :-)
> > did you make sure all clients were updated?
> No. Is it absolutely necessary?
> Old clients should not be able to corrupt the database!

if all client libs were the same, then maybe not but if there is a total
mismatch of client libs and an old app is using an old client lib with a
different connection string to the new apps/client libs, then there is a
good chance of corruption.
e.g. IB6 client with a local connection string on the local box Vs FB1.5
client lib with a TCP connection string...

> > and did you do a backup and restore on the database to update its OD
> > structure?
> Backup with 1.0
> Restore with 1.5


> --Heiko