Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird 1.5.1 sucking all memory
Author Alan McDonald
> Sorry I think I put it in a wrong way. It is 250 update queries from
> the same PC. This application manages the subscribers connected to
> the internet. So after every five minutes, it updates the database
> with the current counters. Approximately, there are 250 subscribers
> online at a time. For each subscriber, it will connect to the
> database, execute query and disconnect. So the connections are not
> simultaneous. When I restart the firebird, it uses only a few MBs,
> with all 250 updadtes happening everying 5 minutes. But then it
> continously keeps increasing.
> I tried using my own connection pooling, but then disabled it
> thinking that it might be the cuase of memory use.
> Have you any experience with the Classis Server ??
> This server has a 1 GB of RAM, and machine is 90% idle most of the
> time.
> JS

OK - so from this description, superserver should handle it handsomely. One
connection, 250 updates every 5 minutes.. piece of cake for FB.
There must be some else happening..
you say multi threaded application. Are making sure you use a separate
connection for each thread?
You're kinda contradicting things here now... how many threads - so how many