Subject Re: Firebird 1.5.1 sucking all memory
Author jssahdra
--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@m...>
> > It is still taking 200MB of RAM. In one hour it increased by
> > 30MB. There are around on an average 250 connections happen in 4
> > minutes. They all call stored procedures. Most of them update the
> > database. This is a multi-threaded application written in C. I am
> > using the C code generated by Embedded SQL (using gpre, after
> > removing the 'static' declarations). I have checked, thoroughly,
> > the transactions are commited or aborted properly.
> >
> > Could it be the API I am using ? Should I try using the DSQL
APIs ?
> > How can I change the Page cache and what is the right value ?
> >
> > Any ideas ??? This is a production system and it has become an
> > embarrasment for me, because we I had reccommended to use firebird
> > over the mysql.
> >
> > Regards:
> >
> > JS
> 250 simuultaneous connections is rather a lot for poor old
superserver me
> thinks...
> Have you thought about connection pooling wih a middle tier?
> There were some metrics someone here posted regarding memory
requirements on
> a per connection basis - I think 250 would be well over the size you
> indicate here...
> how much memory is ont he server?
> I would guess that you need about 5-10 Gb of RAM for this sort of
> Alan

Sorry I think I put it in a wrong way. It is 250 update queries from
the same PC. This application manages the subscribers connected to
the internet. So after every five minutes, it updates the database
with the current counters. Approximately, there are 250 subscribers
online at a time. For each subscriber, it will connect to the
database, execute query and disconnect. So the connections are not
simultaneous. When I restart the firebird, it uses only a few MBs,
with all 250 updadtes happening everying 5 minutes. But then it
continously keeps increasing.

I tried using my own connection pooling, but then disabled it
thinking that it might be the cuase of memory use.

Have you any experience with the Classis Server ??

This server has a 1 GB of RAM, and machine is 90% idle most of the