Subject IB & FB coexistence -howto
Author mailforo
Hello, I'm a complete beginer in ib/fb, and newbie in this group as
well. So, if this question was answered before, just let me know.
Second, but not the least important, the english isn't my native
tongue, have to forgive certain 'language-faults' I could
Third, if I am not in the right group, is there one for one like me?.

I want to develop an application in Delphi 7 using fb 1.5.1. I was
reading about that from certain documents I donwloaded from fb site.
Anyway, it wasn't so clear to me, maybe because I'm neither a
skilled user of the TCP/IP philosophy nor this db engine.

Going straight to the point:
1- I had ib v 6.5 installed on my pc
2- I installed fb 1.5.1 later
3- I want to use both. Then I want to know about the configurations
I have to do.
4- in the service archive there's already an entry with
gds_db 3050 //it corresponds to IB

So how are the many ways I have to make the server listen the fb
a) adding another entry in the service archive
with gds_db 3051
b) idem fb_db 3050
c) in fbconfig.fb change de REmoteServiceName or the port
d) in the conection line, if so, I have to set the value in
the server too.

I'll appreciate any suggestion you could give me, or any link to
read instead.

Thank you