Subject RE: [firebird-support] Multi CPU machine
Author Paul Beach
> p.s. I notice in the road map, multithreading is coming in a separate Vulcan
> release to be merged into the main release in late 2005. With the number of
> hyperthreaded / dual core / multi processor machines that will be on the
> desktop by then it seems a bit late in the picture.

Vulcan is based on a cut from FB2.0 HEAD some six months ago. Vulcan was
a project to implement SMP fine grained threading in Firebird. This is
a huge task, and takes time to do properly.
Vulcan should be available for real testing in the near future.
At the same time development has continued in FB2.0 on a number of
other features. 2.0 is hopefully going to be out this year, the same
is true for Vulcan.

Users can choose to use Vulcan for SMP, or FB2.0 Classic, your call.
The time frame for 2005, shows that we know that merging FB2.0 and Vulcan
to create FB3.0 will take a little time. If we can do it faster we will.