Subject OT: Selling Firebird (was: Multi CPU machine)
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
--- In, "Martijn Tonies" wrote:
> > Really guys - you need to *sell* yourselves to the folks with the
> > $$ :-)
> Right - this sounds friendlyer... then again, I'm no sales-person

Aren't you, Martijn? Sure, you're not a spam promoter or otherwise
bogging people convincing them that Database Workbench and Firebird is
a must to have whether or not they have access to computers, but you
do know that a good product makes it easier to sell, hence you create
good products (and thinking of Bamsemums, you know from a customer
perspective how freebies work).

As for dollars, Fyracle may help selling Firebird with a few slogans
(assuming Oracle customers have a few dollars):

Fyracle - like Oracle without a fulltime DBA
Fyracle - like Oracle without Oracle
Fyracle - the painkiller for Oracle databases
Fyracle for easy upgrade from Oracle to Firebird

Note, I have no knowledge about Oracle, neither how it would be legal
to promote Firebird as opposed to Oracle (nor have I tried Fyracle).