Subject slackware 9.1 tar.gz installation
Author Scott Buckham
I am trying to install to slackware 9.1 but the installation script
does not seem to be compatible. I have attempted what changes I thought
would be necessary and they seem to work fine. requires:

# Slackware specific
elif [ -r /etc/slackware-version]

and firebird.init.d.slackware is basically just a refactored
firebird.init.d.generic removing the echo from the start command
(otherwise it fails) -


case "$1" in
echo -n "Starting Firebird server: "
$FIREBIRD/bin/fbmgr -start -forever | su $FBRunUser


Is there any reason why echo is required in:
echo '$FIREBIRD/bin/fbmgr -start -forever' | su $FBRunUser

? I would prefer to be able to use the generic file for installation.
I am hoping that this can be included into cvs as we are wrapping the
tar.gz up in an installer for our product.

Any help would be appreciated,


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