Subject Re: Firebird Service Problem
Author Bernard Devlin
Hello Roberto, and welcome! It's great to see the enthusiasm for
Linux and open source in Brazil.

Firebird does act 'like a service'. It does not need a file server
between Firebird and the database. In your connection string you
specify a server name (fundamental if you are not accessing it
locally), and a path to your database file. But this server is not a
file server - you are talking to the database server and telling it
which file locally on that server contains the database (the db can
actually span multiple files, but that is another matter). In fact,
Firebird is a lot more easily configured than is Oracle (I've had
plenty of problems in the past with mis-configured TNS names files in

I do believe that there is a Brazilian Firebird/Interbase support
group, if that is of use to you. Anyone else know the details?

Best wishes,

--- In, Roberto Melo Cavalcante
<zerok@s...> wrote:
> Another reason regards to availability of the service. Does firebird
> must appear as service listening to the 3050 port?
> We have it installed in gentoo machine and so far we haven't see 3050
> service available on machine. We do connect locally, but not from
> another machine. We have read the docs that come with it and all
> connection strings seem needing a kind of file server service to
> the database file. Is this correct? Can't I just make it be available
> through a service port just as oracle or PostgreSQL does?
> Roberto Melo Cavalcante
> Manaus-Amazon Cityhall
> Brazil