Subject Re: Events Playing up again.
Author will.honor
> >Win XP SP2 (Firewall Off)
> >delphi 6.02
> >IBX 6.08
> >Firebird 1.5.1
> However, I strongly recommend that you check the version of the
> library (gds32.dll)

GDS32.dll on all machines. No other versions found.

> It might also (or instead) be the case that the point is reached
where the
> IBX components just are not 100% compatible with Firebird any
more. The
> "workaround" provided by the "compatibility client" solves only one
> of incompatibility, which is IBX's cute, hard-coded check on the
> version string of the client library.

OK fair enough, if its time to change then its time to change. I
have Reworked my test app with FIB+ version 5.3 and guess what? the
problem is still there, in fact it worked on the first attempt with
I really don't believe that this has anything to do with the Client
library. If you like I can try with IBO as well.

Regards Will.