Subject Events Playing up again.
Author will.honor
Win XP SP2 (Firewall Off)
delphi 6.02
IBX 6.08
Firebird 1.5.1

I am having a problem with Firebird Events which almost exactly
follows a closed bug.
([ 943087 ] Events producing high CPU load under certain conditions)
The symptoms are exactly the same but the cause may be slightly
different. I have written a test app which does the following.

1.) Connect to Server.
2.) Register for events.
3.) Call stored procedure event in a loop 20 times.
for i := 0 to 19 do
Transaction.StartTransaction ;
IBSQL.Execquery ;
Transaction.Commit ;
4.) I have written Error handling code that uses
IBDatabase.ForceClose. This forces the app to reset its connection
data when the connection is lost.

Now the following steps will reproduce the problem.
1.) Run the app.
2.) Pull out client machines network cable.
3.) Run the app (Error).
4.) Put the network cable back in.
5.) Run the app. (Now the server should start to consume CPU time)

This reproduces the problem in about 1 in 3 attempts. The
difference between the bug now and the one in the original bug report
is that it seems that if the server is asked to produce events just
after the connection becomes active it starts to consume lots of CPU
Of course, I don't plan to use Events like this but the problem
seems to come up with an application that I have written which does
use some events. The other key part is that there is one laptop
machine with the client software on it that uses WiFi for its network
connection. Occasionally this connection is lost and the firebird
server starts to consume CPU cycles.

Does anyone have any ideas on this. I can send a test app to anyone
that is interested.

Regards Will.