Subject Re: Database file in mapped drive
Author lsbtreis
I mean redundancy. If the machine running our software and the
fbserver goes down for some reason I have to be able to change it
for another with the same software and use the database created
before. The software needs the data to be consistent with what we
have in the network storage and reloading this data into a new
database is not a very good idea. I think the problem can be solved
with periodic backups stored in the network storage.


--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@m...>
> > In our system there is only one process opening the database. We
> > were thinking of storing the file in a disc in other machine and
> > accessing it by a mapped drive just for security reasons. What
> > the riscs of doing this ( for the risk-affine people :-) )?
> >
> why is this more secure than making the fbserver machine secure
(as secure)?
> Alan
> PS - don't forget that you cannot run tape backups of live