Subject Re: Database file in mapped drive
Author lsbtreis
Thanks for the links.
I know that MS-SQL supports SAN and we have a system using MS-SQL
and SAN in which the database file is in the network storage and it
works fine.


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> At October 6, 2004, 07:14, lsbtreis wrote:
> > Because it´s a network storage.
> And if you read about NAS, you'll also see that it's not really
> recommended for databases.
> Here's a paragraph that I found:
> [Start quote...]
> NAS systems generally support multiple operating systems and are
> directly accessible by heterogeneous clients via the LAN. Media can
> usually be replaced or added in these systems without impact to the
> network or application servers. NAS systems are highly suitable for
> most applications except high bandwidth video and larger, multi-
> database applications, which will can bottleneck the LAN and slow
> overall NAS appliance performance with TCP/IP overhead.
> [...End Quote]
> And, here's the link to the whole document(watch the wrap):
> And, even MS-SQL doesn't seem to support NAS, but it does support
> with a warning(multiple fiber optic connections for fast access and
> redundancy in case one connection fails). Here's the reference for
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