Subject Re: [firebird-support] File/document managament on Firebird
Author Ivan Prenosil
> I need to develop a file and document managament system. My question:
> would it be a good idea to store all files in Firebird BLOB?
> I can see two possible ways:
> 1)all files are in BLOB
> 2)files are in (windos) filesystem and there is a link (filename) stored
> in FB
> What would be better?

If you store files in filesystem, do you know how to ensure consistency ?
Do you know how to pass these data to clients ? (e.g. via shared folder ?
what about security then ?)

> I already have a system of over 100000 images in BLOB - no speed
> problems at all. But this one is going to be much bigger and mainly will
> be storing Office (.doc, .xls. ppt), Acrobat (.pdf), AutoCAD (.dwg)
> files (probably will be used for even more formats).

The answer also depends on whether the data will be mostly static
(just adding new ones, no editing/updating), in which case using filesystem
will have some benefit, and volume of data - it is quite a difference
to store 1'000'000 text documents or small pictures, and 1'000'000
hi-res images.