Subject Re: [firebird-support] date function
Author Bisma Jayadi
> It works - just doesn't work with your utility program. READ SOME SQL

Hehehe... calm down, Helen. :) And thanks for the helps, I really apreciate it.
As I said before, the problem which make me start this thread has been worked
out. The error comes from Delphi database component I used in my program.

> It looks as though some bad experiences with utility programs are giving
> you some misleading results.

Yup, you're right Helen. :)

> That's exactly it. You must declare *in the database* any functions you
> want to use with that database. There is no such thing as "installing" udf
> libraries. They are EXTERNAL function libraries. To use a function, you
> use DECLARE EXTERNAL FUNCTION to tell the server the entry point of the
> function and the name of the library ("module_name").

I understand this from the beginning. I just suggest for a better approachment.
Since the _default_udf_ used in most databases, it'd be much more easier if the
default udf automatically declared in all databases. At least, save some punches
on the keyboard. :)

Thanks for the help from all of you guys. :)



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