Subject RE: [firebird-support] File/document managament on Firebird
Author Alan McDonald
> I need to develop a file and document managament system. My question:
> would it be a good idea to store all files in Firebird BLOB?
> I can see two possible ways:
> 1)all files are in BLOB
> 2)files are in (windos) filesystem and there is a link (filename) stored
> in FB
> What would be better?

I never put files in blobs - filesystems are better at storing them but some
people say it's harder to transport the DB in this way.
PS - storing inside the DB creates a certain bloat in the DB - there's a
reasonable overhead over the raw data in the filesystem.

> I already have a system of over 100000 images in BLOB - no speed
> problems at all. But this one is going to be much bigger and mainly will
> be storing Office (.doc, .xls. ppt), Acrobat (.pdf), AutoCAD (.dwg)
> files (probably will be used for even more formats).
> Has someone here developed some file/document management system on
> FB/IB? is it possible to see it? How does its data model look like?
> Any advice would be more than welcome.