Subject Re: [firebird-support] Brookstone dead?
Author Salvatore Besso
hello Daniel,

> Look at Peter Jacobi's collation kit

do you remeber a not so old thread posted by me on this list (Firebird embedded
problem on 9x)? After many days of fighting I have discovered that it was the
Peter's collation kit dll to freeze my application using FB 1.5.1 embedded under
98 SE and Millennium (on 2000 and XP it's ok), so I had to drop it :-(

The block happened as soon as I tried to do something with the database (but
connection succeeded). Looking the stack trace the block happened almost always
in function isc_compile_request in fbclient.dll.

Once I had dropped Peter's dll and recreated the database, the application
worked fine also on 98 SE and Millennium. Luckily in that application I didn't
need particular collations.

I have also tried to send a message to Peter to inform him about this problem
but I haven't had any reply. Maybe the message has been lost, so I hope that he
reads this message :-)