Subject Re: [firebird-support] 1.5 rc8 Possible bug?
Author Fabian Chocron
> >just adding a new user, then assign permissions, the trying to conect and
> >I get: Database c:\database.gdb shutdown
> >
> >Any ideas if this is a known Bug???
> It's not a Firebird message so all we can do is guess where it came
> from. My guess is that it is your application's unfriendly way of
> indicating that the user does not have the permissions it needs for
> whatever your application does at startup. And that, in turn, may be
> by not committing the GRANT statements, or not using a ROLE that was
> granted to the user, or something you overlooked in the permissions.
> A report like this is really quite leaves out more than it

Hi, I am just clicking on "Test" button in Microsoft ODBC's settup, wich it
works perfectly if I try with SYSDBA + masterkey, and it fails with TEST and
readonly (wich are a valid USER and Passwords) or whatever user and password
different from SYSDBA.

So, the message is from Microsoft ODBC + EasySoft driver for Firebird.

Any ideas?