Subject Server slowdown
Author georgethenorge
We are using FB 1.03SS on a RH7.3 server. The clients are using
IB_Objects components written in Delphi.

We have noticed something strange that seems to have come about in 1.

Every so often, a client app seems to crash. The user does the normal
ctrl-alt-delete to get out.

Then the whole FB server performs really slowly. A look at netstat
shows that it is continuing to try to get contact with that one
client, but isn't getting an answer. After about 10 minutes it gives
up and kills the connection.

Then, everything works great again, and all of the users can log in
like nothing ever happened.

How is that one connection slowing everything down so much, and what
can be done?


George Helmke

Kameleon Systemer AS