Subject Re: Creating database through a script and later updating it
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, Venus Software Operations
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> gbak created a non-text file and I am not able to open it in
> Comparer 2.2, this was the command I used:
> GBAK -b -m -pas masterkey -user sysdba -v -z
> c:\trashcan\c99.sql

Gbak creates not a script but gbk-format file which is much more
compact and more quick to create database than script. To create new
instance of the database from this file use gbak again with -c option.
If you made metadata only gbk, after restore new database will be the
same structure as source one but all tables will be empty. Look at IB6
Operations Guide for description.

> can I generate a script file so I can also automate it's creation on
> development machine. I gave this a try using Marathon (Tools |
> Extract ... | Migrate Database Metadata to a script file) which
> such a script but I am more interested in command line for such a

Since FB have more fast and effective way to create databases, there
is not extract metadata to script function in command-line utility
isql (described in Operations Guide too) which is used to perform SQL
statements and scripts. Though some third-party tools have this
function. I'm not sure if any of this tools have command-line mode.

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