Subject problem using backup
Author Fikret Hasovic
I think that I have found a bug in Firebird 1.5. RC8 (also tested in
post RC8 built from anonymous CVS (using MSVC++ 6 with dinkumware
patches)). BTW, how old is CVS snapshot on anonymous CVS? I would
like to build Firebird 2, but cannot using VC++ 6. I have tried with
MSVC7.1 (VS 2003 NET) and it's OK, but very unstable (expected).

TestCase: Create simple database and one table with one field of type
TIMESTAMP default 'Now'. Fill it with some data, then change type
from TIMESTAMP to DATE and try to make backup.
It fails with error: "Arithmetic overflow or division by zero has
occured. arithmetic exception, numeric overflow or string truncation."

I hope that you will provide some fix, I need it ASAP.
I am planing to use Firebird in one very big project. I am migrating
db from MSSQL2000 to Firebird 1.5, and noticed that cannot make
backup after we changed some field types from TIMESTAMP to DATE. I
have pumped db from MSSQL2000 to FB database and datapump tool make
those fields TIMESTAMP. We need them as date and during backup we
have error:
"Unsuccessfull execution caused by system error that does not
preclude successful execution of subsequent statements.
message length error (encountered 756, expected 744).
gds_$receive failed"

Validation result is that everything is OK.
After changing from DATE back to TIMESTAMP everything appears OK...
Right now DB is more than 5 Gb in size.

Any help? Or I should make new Db and pump data from old to new?

Best regards
Fikret Hasovic