Subject Re: Creating database through a script and later updating it
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, Venus Software Operations
<venussoftop@m...> wrote:
> Hi all
> For eg. I have created a FireBird database on the development
machine. Now
> I want to deploy it for the first time to a client machine. How is
> possible to recreate the database by a junior support tech person on
> clients machine.

Make backup and send it to this person together with BAT file
containing proper gbak call to restore. If you don't want to send
data, make metadata-only backup.

> For eg. 2 Now I have modified the data structures on the
> machine. Now I want to change the structures on the clients
> machine. Please note there are no formal changes track record, so I
> have to have the current data structures and apply a script at the
> site onto the existing FireBird database and it should come upto
> without loosing the data.

Don't understand clearly. You have debugged script which bring
target database structure to source one? Send it together with BAT
file containing proper isql call. Or you are interested how to build
this script if you don't remember what changes you did? If so, always
have structure of client's database at hand and look at

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