Subject Re: [firebird-support] UDF problems IB5.6 --> FB1.03
Author Paul Hope
Hi Helen

> > > Yes: these functions involve data types that changed between IB 5.6
> >IB 6. It affects a lot of the functions in that lib. Long ago, the
> >FreeUDFLib was updated to reflect that.

I've tried the new library and it doesnt help. As far as I can see the
Addmonth etc functions havn't been changed.

I am very confused.

The migration documentation seem to say that if I want to use Firebird 1.03
with a database from IB5.6 I should restore it under FB and it will be in
dialect 1. Also that I should use the IB version of Gds32.dll.

I made a special directory on the server and copied in IB_SQL and gds32.dll.
When I try to open the database I just get 'blob error'.

If I open it from EMS on my machine (same gds32.dll as copied to the server)
then I can get in. I can view my udfs but I cant drop them because I get
unassigned code'. I cant drop the ones with dependencies because they
report the UDFs not defined. I cant define the udfs because it reports that
they already exist.

If I open the database on the server with a version of IB_SQL that I copied
into the FB bin directory then I can view the udfs ( the DATE fields have
changed to TIMESTAMP). I can apparently drop F_ADDMONTH, but when I create
it I get the error 'unable to drop F_ADDYEAR' - which is crazy.

I cant believe this is supposed to be so difficult - help appreciated ;-)