Subject Re: [firebird-support] UDF problems IB5.6 --> FB1.03
Author Helen Borrie

At 05:35 PM 24/01/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi Helen
> > >I got warnings that the entry point could not be found for 2 of my (many)
> > >UDFs.
> >
> > Yes: these functions involve data types that changed between IB 5.6 and
> > 6. It affects a lot of the functions in that lib. Long ago, the
> > was updated to reflect that. You can download it from ibphoenix or from
> > Claudio's site
> >
>Looks like the links from both sources are currently broken.

Yes - the ibphoenix link was pointing to the *old* location of that website
-- but Claudio seems to have removed the file from his ftp area on the new
site, anyway. I'll send you a compiled version but you should be able to
pick up the whole source kit from the IBPhoenix site by Monday or Tuesday.

>Where can I
>find info on the data type changes (dont remember reading it in the release
>notes) ?

IB6 Release Notes and Migration Guide (you need 'em both). If you have the
original ib6 beta docs, the release notes are in there. If the Migration
Guide is missing you can get that from the ibphoenix site, on the InterBase
downloads page.