Subject Re: Problems with table RDB$PROCEDURES
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 12:28 PM 1/24/2004, Marc Geldon (PRO IT SYSTEMS) wrote:
>If I try to update a row in RDB$PROCEDURES (I talk about the specific
>column RDB$PROCEDURE_BLR) and try to insert data, everytime I get the
>following message:
>invalid request BLR at offset 0
>corrupt system table
>unsupported BLR version (expected 4, encountered 98)

Updating BLR fields directly is not a usual thing to do,
though gbak and a few of the other utilities do it. BLR
(Binary Language Representation) is a binary coded relational
statement, or in other words, gook. By convention, a BLR
string starts with the version number which should be 4
or 5. The "expected 4, encountered 98" part of the message
says that the string you stored started with a 98 ('b') (hex

>I get the same message if I update the row and set the same data that
>already was in the column.

Are you sure it's exactly the same?
>What is wrong here? Is that a bug?

I don't know exactly what's going on but I doubt that it's a
bug. May I ask why you want to update that field?