Subject Windows 2003 oddities
Author Milan Babuskov
Hi all,

I have problem with connecting to Firebird 1.0.3 SS on Windows 2003
server. It connects but slow. Once connected I can work without any
problems. Everything works great. When I disconnect, it also takes 5-10

I did shutdown VSS (shadowing) and db file is named zz.fdb. Also,
Windows is "optimised for applications". I also added localhost to hosts

Now what is interesting:

When I connect with isql, and stay connected, I open the second dos
prompt, and make another connection from it. It works instantly, like it
should. Opening each new connection works fast. Disconnecting too. If I
disconnect all clients, the first connection is slow again.

This leads me to conclusion, that there is some problem when Firebird is
reading the database file for the first time (attaching the database?)
Once the database is attached, new connections are made really fast.

Should I post my findings to the devel list?

Milan Babuskov